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Review: Alpine Replay

With back-to-back winters that have brought little snow and a serious drought from tree riding, I’ve found myself stuck on the groomers with the masses. And while I prefer the stationary targets of trees, the thing that groomed runs are best for is going fast! I had always wondered how fast I was going.

On New Year’s Eve of 2012, a guy at Northstar told me about this app called Alpine Replay. He asked me how fast I thought I could go on my snowboard. I said, “I don’t know, around 55 or 60?” He told me that he thought he could, too, but Alpine Replay proved that he was only going 50mph. He was right. I only hit a top speed of 49.8mph that day!

However, something inside of me knew that I could go faster that that. We were at the end of a fantastic week of snow and while I was tree riding much of the day, I would soon learn through my use of Alpine Replay that the groomers simply aren’t as fast as they are capable of becoming when it hasn’t snowed for awhile…and that I could go even faster than 60mph! With the help of this powerful app, I achieved a top speed of 65.6mph last winter, pushing myself to progress further in my favorite sport.

Part of progressing in any sport is having a way to measure your success. In baseball, this could be measured by batting average. In basketball, it may be free throw shooting percentage. You become a better hitter or shooter by practice.

In snowboarding, we have many ways to measure our success. There’s the obvious answer, such as landing a trick you’ve been working on. When you land a trick, that’s definitive evidence of success…and a great accomplishment! But what if you’re measure of success is speed? Or vertical? Or air time?

How about an app that is capable of telling you how many calories you’ve burned, your time spent on the lift and going down the mountain? Alpine Replay does all of this and a whole lot more.

I think the coolest feature of the app is the map function that’s integrated into Alpine Replay. When you finish your session you can look at all the runs you did that day, pinching to zoom in or out at leisure. Your runs are aggregated into one overhead view, or you can look at your runs one at a time. If you have the premium version, Alpine Replay will tell you what runs you did coming down the mountain!

Now this is where things get really sweet…when you’ve done the run of your life through the trees, you can go back and see it! That legendary powder run, etched into history.

If you love statistics like I do this app does it all. You can pull up histograms that pair up altitude against speed. It tells you your time spent on the lift, on the slopes, and at rest. Sustained speed is also a great stat, telling you your highest speed achieved, while holding at that speed or above for at least 10 seconds.

With the premium version, Alpine Replay you can even compare yourself to others using the app by discipline or by mountain.

Another great feature is the video. You can shoot a video from your smartphone that has a display of your mph as well as other stats, such as this one:

When you’ve finished, upload your session to Facebook, Twitter, & more!

You can sign up for Alpine Replay at www.alpinereplay.com.



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