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Avoiding the crowds at Heavenly

(The following is definitely not a paid advertisement…This is The Stash.)


Are you going to Heavenly? More to the point, is your visit on a weekend?

The best place to go to avoid the crowds, get some of the best powder on the mountain, and avoid crowded runs is on the Nevada Side.

In particular, there’s a great 800′ vertical burner chairlift called Olympic Express…and it almost never has a line!

  • If you go left, there’s a high-speed intermediate run, Cloud 9, which has a great cat trail gap – just beware of the gapers on the cat trail who regularly fail to look uphill!
  • If you go right, Olympic Downhill and The Pines are great runs with all sorts of natural features to jump off of.

When you want a great bite to eat or a drink, you can do a super 1900′ vertical burner down to Stagecoach Lodge. It’s the only lodge (to my knowledge) that puts grilled onions, mushrooms, and a medley of grilled onions & bell peppers for you to put on top of your hot food. As I’ve shared in my Best Bloody Mary in South Lake Tahoe article, this is the spot!

So, lose the crowds on the Nevada side, find some amazing terrain, and stop waiting in line!



  1. bharasha January 5, 2014 Reply

    Agreed, Olympic is the place to be to avoid the crowds. When there is snow, the trees are awesome too!

    Right now, if you like bumps, head to Canyon Chair on the Cali side. Plenty of bumps on the right side of Ridge Run, just watch for rocks!

  2. Dustin January 8, 2014 Reply

    Actually East Peak, Tamarack, and Cal Main Lodge all have the sauteed onions/mushrooms/peppers to put n your burger/fries/whatever. Typically just past the cash registers.

    • Dustin January 8, 2014 Reply

      correction, Cal lodge does not have the peppers/etc, but you can get them on a hot dog at Steins (bottom of powderbowl/pattys

      • Author
        Flo Della Neve January 8, 2014 Reply

        Thanks, Dustin! The peppers, etc. sure do a lot to round out the meal, don’t they? :)

  3. Steve January 14, 2014 Reply

    Good to know! Just need snow! The bloodys are amazing and you can get your own mug! Cool chill lodge to hang with buddies at the end or whenever of the day. Great people great spot. NV side has more diverse terrain as well with Mott and all….just need the snow! Great article!

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