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Ian Halsall

Late night a few weeks ago, I got a new follower on Twitter.  I happened to still be up so I checked them out and he’s a “Bass music producer. Record label owner.” from London.  Being a music producer since 1999 myself, I always appreciate connecting with another producer who shares my twin passions for snowboarding and making beats!  Both are so much fun, it’s tough to pick a favorite…except on powder days!!!

So, I gave him a follow back and within moments he shoots me this in a direct message on Twitter.

“Hi, I’d like to know if you like this new drum & bass /dubstep track I wrote https://soundcloud.com/ian_halsall/bounce …Ian”

I told him I thought it was “(expletive) sick!” and asked for his SoundCloud and Facebook pages so I could put a review up of his music.

We then exchanged about 10 DMs apiece.  I asked him a naive question if he rides the alps, since (in my mind) there are primarily indoor facilities.  He replied that he rides the mountains in Austria, France, Switzerland, and Canada.

“Wow.  If I could ride those mountains regularly.  Maybe I need to relocate?”  My mind drifted into these thoughts and I realized it was bedtime.

And the same way that reading those four words made my head instantly drift off to another place, so does this man’s music.  His name is Ian Halsall and his Soundcloud page is packed with plenty of super good Dubstep & Drum and Bass tracks to throw into your playlists and a really good mix for a 40 minutes DnB journey.

Below is Ian’s latest single, Bounce, genrelized by Ian as “uplifting pop-funk – Drum and Bass with soul.”  You can purchase the track here.  Enjoy!

I like Magik Spell & Spaceporn on this EP.  Solid tracks.

Raise your fists is a dope track.  Featuring the vocals of Liz Fraser, Ian nailed it on this track.  Super floaty and beautiful vocals!  This track is also available for free download.

Both tracks are solid. Really like Reflections.

This mix, Robot Gospel, is super fun!  Musically, it has a ton of range, with a great overall DnB vibe.  Definitely will be throwing down on the hill to this mix!!!



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