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Kapt’n Kirk Live @ Ghost Ship 2010 & B.O.C. 2013

Well, why would my first review be of a Halloween set from 3 years ago? Because it’s a sick mix that makes me want to dance or haul ass down the mountain! There’s just something about great breaks, dark & dirty, that makes bob my head and throw out the occasional, “Uhhhhh!” Kapt’n Kirk is one of my favorite DJs in the Space Cowboys - a San Francisco based Burning Man camp and crew of phenomenal DJs. He always brings the pain! For this particular set, he rocked the dance floor and I have chosen this as my first mix to share with all of you! If you like what you’re hearing and want more great music like this, check out more of the RIPEcast or go to www.spacecowboys.org!

Track List1
1. Exodus – Specimen A
2. Open the Door – DJ Jox Remix
3. Clump Tropicana – Afghan Headspin 
4. Riot Gear – Ribs & IG88 
5. In Orbit – The Brain Killer 
6. Bombay – The Brain Killer 
7. When I was a Yout – Krafty Kuts Remix
8. Audio Damage – FFS Club Mix
9. Bouncy – GTM
10. Hole in My Head – Sangars Sa Remix 
11. Elastic Fish – Rigid Disc 
12. Wardian – A Time in Your Future – The Brain Killer
13. Gangbang – Digital Pizza & Left/Right 
14. Get Dirty Baby – Friendly Mix


UPDATE: I found another great set from Kapt’n Kirk that was recorded live Breakfast of Champions 2013, the perennial New Year’s Day party thrown by the Space Cowboys in San Francisco. More great dark & dirty breaks!

Track List2
1. Pressure Therapy – IG88 & Ribs
2. Crazy Night – Bartdon
3. Methane – Colombo
4. Welcome to the Future (Fated Mix) – Oscar TG & Flipt
5. Stupid Bastard – Broken Enough
6. She’s Ready – Agent K & Bella
7. Shoot the Funk – Bartdon
8. Superman (Se7en Deadly Breaks Mix) – Ed Solo & Deekline
9. Machina Mori – Duane Barry & Line of Sight (Destroyers Remix)
10. Ri or Anna – Destroyers
11. Weird Day – Destroyers
12. Ah Yeah – Ali Kay
13. Link Up – Pure SX & Defkline
14. Dip n Get Low (Feat. Rodney P) – Stanton Warriors (Deekline v Wizard Remix)
15. Absinthe – Xtreme Project
16. Fuck U – Kuplay

Artwork by www.jempanufnik.com.


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