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Queens of the Stone Age: …Like Clockwork

…Like Clockwork, the latest album from Queens of the Stone Age may be their greatest work yet. It’s a melancholy album with many “coming out of the dark” moments, wielding many of QOTSA’s greatest sounds and lyrics to date. This band just gets better and better with age.

The band’s sixth album is the result of frontman, Josh Homme’s near death experience suffered in 2010 while on the operating table for knee surgery when he had to be revived from asphyxiation while under the knife. Doctors had to revive Homme using a defibrillator.  Hospitalized for 13 days and bedridden for three months, Homme fell into a deep depression.

Nearly two years passed before he could get back into the studio. This deep depression is often what inspires the best music. It sucks to go through, but we all go through it…and the music that comes out of us is incredible. Trust me, I’ve been producing music for 15 years and my best work is from my darkest hours.

(The following is my interpretation and opinion only.)

…Like Clockwork, nails it on every level. Starting with “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” a cool, stoner rock track gets you warmed up for this great album. 

Track #2 is “I Sat By The Ocean,” the classic tale of heartbreak after a relationship with someone who you thought was the one. This is a track that will live on for a long time.  Go fast or float through the trees to this!

Queens Of The Stone Age – I Sat By The Ocean

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The Vampyre Of Time And Memory” is another amazing song that is heavy with emotion and certainly speaks to these dark places Homme went to during his recovery.

– It’s much like the winter we are having in Tahoe this season (2013-14) and the last two winters. Like a surfer without waves, we have had little trees to ride the last 3 seasons, and ZERO DAYS OF TREE RIDING this season!Being unable to do the thing you love the most, is not just frustrating, it can kill one’s spirit…or inspire the most creative energies we are capable of. –

If I Had A Tail” is a super fun track that makes you want to bomb that run with all you’ve got. One of my favorites on the album.  This track screams of pulling tricks in the park!

The next three tracks, “My God Is The Sun,” “Kalopsia,” and “Fairweather Friends” keep …Like Clockwork rolling along…this album is non-stop great music from front-to-back. Keep shredding to these amazing tracks!

Smooth Sailing” might possibly be the best track on the album. Letting go of all the “hangers on.” No more clinging onto that which you no longer have. All is well, let’s begin another voyage! Snowboarding is a huge release. Immense concentration while letting go of everything.

Queens of the Stone Age – Smooth Sailing

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And the winner is…”I Appear Missing” by a mile! A beautiful, highly emotional song with deep lyrics of overcoming all the obstacles that we encounter in life…of losing ourselves and finding ourselves again. Insanely great track.

…Like Clockwork,” the title track and final number on this album nails the emotional vulnerability found throughout …Like Clockwork. I got the message of the sometimes hard to swallow truth that if you love something and set it free, it might not always come back.

Thank you, Josh Homme & the rest of QOTSA for a truly inspirational album.

Listen to …Like Clockwork on Spotify.



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